Forensic Analysis Program 1.4: Forensic Analysis Software Facilitate the Users for Forensic Analysis of Emails

Forensic Analysis Program 1.4

Forensic analysis of emails is the most essential element in forensic analysis program which allows the forensic investigators to execute the practice of email data analysis for cyber crime investigation. Forensic analysis software allows analyzing forensic evidence, email headers, email messages of source code emails like HEX, RTF, HTML, MIME, PROPERTIES VIEW etc. Forensic analysis software reduces the time and energy both of the users while searching

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TotalRecall 1.1: Forensic analysis tools to reconstruct Internet Explorer and user`s activity

TotalRecall 1.1

A lot of different information about a user`s activity is kept within the personal computer. Usually the user does not know about its existence. TotalRecall is a free forensic analysis tools to reconstruct Internet Explorer and user`s activity. TotalRecall investigates: MS IE activity, MS IE history, MS IE cookie, MS IE favorites and some user`s activity (recent files and folders, not erased temporary files).

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Digital Evidence Recovery Toolkit 1.3: Digital Evidence Recovery Tool to Recover Emails by Forensic Email Investigation

Digital Evidence Recovery Toolkit 1.3

With digital evidence recovery program which can easily able to conquer any email evidence from a large bulk of data. Forensic analysis toolkit eases to analyze & view email MIME format, HEX, RTF, HTML etc. The Digital evidence collection element plays the key-role in a forensic email investigation as the investigators can collect email evidences by exporting them or else by converting them into EML, MSG, PDF, TIFF and HTML files respectively.

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Genetic System Search for Tech. Analysis 2.16: Quickly Find Technical Analysis Trading Systems with Genetic Programming

Genetic System Search for Tech. Analysis 2.16

Programming to reduce your workload ... Just provide a stock`s price and volume data and start the search ... In a matter of minutes the program produces a set of investment rules. Smart Optimization The ideal investment system will provide maximum profit, minimum drawdown and minimum brokerage fees ... Most technical analysis programs that optimize parameters merely try to maximize the profit ... Genetic System Search for Technical Analysis takes

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Active LogView

analysis program. It has been designed to make it powerful and fast but still as easy as possible to use for both the novice and experienced user alike. Active LogView is the fastest and the most powerful traffic analyzer as it does not require importing the log file to a database - the analysis is performed on the log file itself and not on a database. Importantly, log analysis and reporting are performed in Real-Time and it can Analyze multiple

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Concordance 3.3: Text analysis: Make concordances, word lists. Gain better insight into e-texts.

Concordance 3.3

analysis program which lets you gain better insight into e-texts and analyse language objectively and in depth. Its lets you count words, make word lists, word frequency lists, and indexes. It has widespread applications in content analysis, language engineering, linguistics, data mining, lexicography, translation, and numerous commercial areas and academic disciplines. It can make full concordances of publishable quality showing every word in its

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MVPspc 20110201: MVPspc is an easy-to-use SPC charting and analysis program.

MVPspc 20110201

analysis program. This program is extremely flexible, providing analysis not available in any other SPC package. The program uses simple text files, or you may copy and paste directly from a spread sheet. Control limits calculations can be generated numerous ways. For example, a Range chart can use the average range, the median range, the average standard deviation, the median standard deviation, the average variance, the average moving range of

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MITCalc - Tolerance analysis 1.16: Tolerance analysis of linear, 2D and 3D dimensional chains

MITCalc - Tolerance analysis 1.16

programs for the tolerance analysis of linear, 2D and 3D dimensional chains 1) Tolerance analysis of linear dimensional chains. The program is designed for tolerance analysis of linear (1D) dimensional chains. The program solves the following problems: - Tolerance analysis, synthesis and optimization of a dimensional chain using the arithmetic "WC" (Worst case) method, possibly the statistical "RSS" (Root Sum Squares) method. - Analysis of a dimensional

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CSDiff 5.0: ComponentSoftware Diff (CSDiff) -  Free file-difference analysis tool

CSDiff 5.0

analysis option. · Analysis of MS-Word documents. (MS-Word required) · Sophisticated folder difference analysis sorted by any key. · Support of compressed folders (ZIP files) for comparison between archived folders and regular folders. · Enhanced folder difference analysis reports, including: HTML reports, XML reports, filters and optional links to file-level analysis. · Freeware -- CSDiff may be used completely free of charge New features in

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AmiBroker 5.30: Advanced technical analysis, charting and back-testing of stocks and commodities

AmiBroker 5.30

AmiBroker is a comprehensive technical analysis program, allowing you to study and predict trends in the market and to maintain a portfolio of shares. AmiBroker has a custom programming language called AFL which incorporates over 100 analysis functions, allowing you to back-test your trading systems (with detailed reporting), build custom chart indicators and perform screening of large databases.

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